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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Comparisons Are Striking

Hey guys! Target acquired, there's Qaddafi!
Somewhere in the world, pigs are flying.  Don't ask me where, I cannot tell you.  Nor am I able to say whether they rocket through the air unaided like Krypto the Superdog or whether they have suddenly sprouted white, feathery avian wings to soar through the azure firmament, each a small, chubby Pegasus in flight.  I can only assert that they do, that they must!

I know this because something unprecedented is about to happen, a thing I thought impossible, and thus in need of signs and portents to harbinger its coming.  I am about to write something positive about Hillary Clinton.

I can hardly believe it myself, so poleaxed am I by this utterly alien desire.  But intellectual honesty is a quality we on the conservative side should cherish, encourage and practice.  Leave the Left in its tornado of random feelings to rage and emote.  Some of us have to act the adult in the room.

Even a Wisconsin SEIU thug public school teacher could probably discern that I am alluding to the ongoing crisis in Libya and our belated response to Quaddafi's murderous madness.  The rumblings from Libya started in mid-January, but were overshadowed by the attention the media was paying to Egypt.  And at first Quaddafi was exercising restraint in confronting the demonstrations and the stonings of government office buildings.  But anyone with half a brain knew that if Mubarak could turn his tame goons on the protesters, Quaddafi had the potential to be nightmarishly worse.

"It's a quarter  to 3  . . . ."
I worried about what Mr. Obama would do.  I don't see him as the kind of president who concentrates his policy-making on foreign affairs.  I've always seen him as more focused on the domestic agenda [more on this as time goes on].  But in the life of nations as in the lives of men, we often face exactly the challenges we are least prepared by temperament or experience to confront. Biden was wrong; well, actually he's frequently wrong, so I should be more specific. Biden was premature in his prediction that Mr. Obama would face an international crisis within six months, and the extra time Mr. Obama has gained does not seem to have helped his preparedness to meet the test when it finally rolled up to the White House portico.

He dithered a bit when open hostilities broke out.  [The Left hates that term, they prefer "careful consideration;" much the way Benedict Arnold might prefer his actions be described as "strategic realignment."]  I'll take the Administration at their word about concern for Americans still in country, so far as I am able.   But they tarried in doing so.  Things in Libya got hot, and  hotter, and then blistering.  The Chinese, the British, the Germans all sent warships as security for their evacuation efforts that took place on February 24 and 25 (and subsequently for the larger groups).  Our warships didn't arrive until a week later, and after our citizens were largely gone from Libya.  The remarkable thing about the delay being that we've had ships in the vicinity covering the Egypt crisis for weeks, so it was more about logic than logistics.  Finally, a month later Mr. Obama announces that Quadaffi has had his day and it's time for him to go.  I'd say we've left the territory of "consideration" and are in the very close vicinity of "dithering."

Frankly, I think Mrs Clinton would have handled it a little better were she in the Oval Office and not the KY Guy (and I am not referring to Kentucky).  Hillary is not even my eighth choice for President, but she's had firsthand experience in world affairs that Barack "Present!" Obama had never bothered to obtain while he was helping ACORN to get out the vagrant vote and enduring two decades of racist rants that he apparently didn't hear at Trinity United Church of Christ.  I can understand Mr Obama's desire to run away from comparisons to GW, but Mrs Clinton would not have let the pot simmer over as long as Mr Obama has just for appearances' sake.

[Hillary has never cared a whit about appearances as she understands her Equine constituents have a bottomless capacity to accept whatever they are told if framed as partisan rhetoric, and everything can be framed that way.]

Hillary Clinton had eight years in the White House, was abroad in a diplomatic capacity as First Lady, served in the Senate for eight years before becoming Secretary of State.  Say what you will about her taste for clandestine strongarm tactics (shhhh! don't say "blackmail") when applied domestically, it's almost refreshing to see her employ the same dirty tricks in the international arena in America's interests.

Apparently, Mrs Clinton has had enough of the "careful consideration."  In a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer datelined March 16, 2011, Mrs. Clinton announced that she would not return as Secretary of State in an Obama second term; nor in any other role, nor would she seek the Presidency herself.   I know, I know, politicians can always be talked into doing something they desperately want to do "for the good of the nation"  and "at the call of the people."  But I have the sneaking suspicion she means it.  She's not retiring, a politician with her history really can't retire; they just eventually become irrelevant to everyone else's plans and their calls stop getting returned.  That won't happen to Hillary for a long time.

[I have a mental dialogue in my head now between Bill and Hillary wherein Bill keeps asking her to consider something to keep her busy and away from home:  "Gee, I'm sure we could talk Obama into a Federal judgeship, maybe even the Supreme Court, no more campaigning and that's a job you could have for the rest of your LIFE!"]

In the end, the hesitation, deliberation, whatever you want to call it, didn't much help Mr Obama.  The Arab League, lobbying group for the Thugs On Our Side have done their utterly predictable flip only to flop the other way, playing both sides of the Arab Street.  [Frankly, the way sentiments and pronouncements flow in that part of the world, I don't think there is an Arab Street, just an interconnecting network of Arab Traffic Circles.]    Paying more attention to the resolutions of the United Nations (Parliament of Thugs) than the US Congress has got his Lefty base up in his face, with prima ballerina Dennis Kucinich first up in the spotlight, taking his theatrically sad-faced moral outrage in front of as many cameras as he can find.

And he was not the only one in Congress.   And I have to admit, watching that fat fool Michael Moore turn on Obama and demand he return the Nobel Peace Prize is hilarious.  As to the Peace Prize, well easy come,  . . . .

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