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Monday, March 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Senator Bill Nelson of Florida

I don't know how much impact this will have on Senator Astro Boy, but one has hopes.

Stop! Stop! Stop, Astro Boy!

March 14, 2011

Dear Senator Nelson,
I wanted to write and let you know my support for the Republican initiatives to reduce the level of Federal spending from the ruinous levels of the last few years. I do not find it a dire state of affairs that the utterly reasonable proposal to return to 2008 levels of spending be enacted. But I am dismayed that a steady stream of Democratic Senators and Congressional Representatives get up in their respective chambers to belittle all the "drastic" cuts proposed by Republicans without making any suggestions of their own. Other than to raise taxes, which only a moron would suggest in the current economic climate.
As a man with an undergraduate degree in finance and an MBA in economics, as well as a life long interest in politics and history, it seems to me that Mr. Obama is making exactly the same errors FDR made under similar circumstances during the Great Depression. In his early years, Roosevelt used his bully pulpit to talk up a redistributionist, welfare state agenda, seemingly hostile to both wealth and business interests. And he was rewarded with an economy where investors were unwilling to participate at the risk their investments would be confiscated or taxed out of profitability. The temporary reduction in unemployment from 11 million in 1933 to 7 million in 1936 lasted only until the NRA was ended by the Supreme Court. Unemployment rose again to 11 million in 1937. In fact, nothing FDR did economically ended the depression; it was the war that did that.
Tell your caucus colleagues that we are at a pivotal moment in history. Even if they wanted to adopt dubious New Deal solutions, FDR did not have the current monumental quantity of accumulated Federal debt to deal with. We do.
And for the record, high-speed rail is another boondoggle that the voters of this state already rejected under Governor Bush. How many times must we keep banging our heads on that wall before we realize it hurts? Use your office to force the Interior Department to approve drilling licenses, offshore, onshore and in ANWR. They are sitting on permits for coal mines, too. The Obama administration is stealthily promulgating a policy of raising energy costs for all Americans in order to make the so-called "alternative" sources relatively cost-effective. Anyone who listened to him in 2008 heard him promise he would, and it was one reason I did not vote for him. But this hurts all Americans and you need to decide if that's the kind of thing you want associated with you.
Thank you,

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