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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well, as long as you insist, Mr. Schiller. . .

Ron Schiller
An Open letter to my Congressman, Rick Nugent of Florida, Republican Class of 2010, formerly Sheriff of Hernando County, replacing the estimable Ginny Browne-Waite. Sheriff Rick is a member of the Tea Party Caucus.

Dear Sheriff Rick,

Talk about timing. With sad sack Harry Reid mewling in the well of the Senate about the importance of continuing to fund public broadcasting, we now see that this is yet another effort to protect a core constituency and supporter of the Democratic Party with the tax dollars of all Americans--including Republicans. Along comes the Ron Schiller video sting. OOPPS!!

If, in the words of NPR's own fund-raiser, the company would be "better off in the long-run" without federal funding, I see no reason the US Government should not accommodate his most candid analysis. This is the perfect opportunity to push this particularly bitter pill into the open mouths of braying Donkeys.

But not just NPR's direct Federal monies. They smugly assert that they get only a small portion of their funding from Washington directly, and this is true when narrowly construed. But it's a shell game that this old accountant sees through. NPR is a production company that sells it's programming to public radio and television stations throughout the country. That's where it gets almost all of it's operational cash. And where do the public broadcasters get much of their funding? From the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. And you know where that money comes from.

So please Sheriff Rick, do what you can to de-fund these monstrosities. They can get advertising money and private foundation grants (note: no grants from Federal monies to private foundations though; these guys are tricky, relentless and most of all, they feel ENTITLED to do anything to further their cause as Conservatives and Libertarians are all stupid, white gun-toting, racist tea-baggers and anything they do in fighting us is morally justifiable). It isn't just NPR and CPB against us, Sheriff, even if you discount the openly partisan loons on MSNBC. The parent NBC is just more subtle about it. Dan Rather ran his long career aground in a desperate, sloppy, clearly partisan drive to hurt Mr. Bush with those false Air National Guard memos, and remains unrepentant today (in fact, he spoke out in 2009 in favor of the Federal government subsidizing news organizations when the banks and auto makers where lining up for largess). Ms. Couric is no admirer of Republicans. The one news network that allows Republicans to discuss their positions on a level playing field with Democrats is vilified as an extreme right-wing mouthpiece. Well sir, for once the mask of respectability slipped off the smug face of Liberal journalism and I say we make the most of the opportunity, while the public eye is on them and before everyone forgets about it and goes back to following Sheen tweets.

De-fund CPB and NPR.

Very truly yours,


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